You define your own path

In my hour, long commute to work this morning, I was thinking about how I got to where I am in my life. My 20’s kind of sucked. They were an extension of the emotional growth of my teens with all the responsibilities of adulthood. This means I didn’t always use the best judgment or … Continue reading You define your own path


Dealing with fear

I heard the best definition of the word 'fear' from a complete stranger. In my early 30's I was working through a host of personal issues that stemmed from growing up in dysfunctional family system. The stranger said, "FEAR. False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.". Whoa! In that moment, all of the fretting, the "shoulds", the procrastination, … Continue reading Dealing with fear

Sometimes, the heart gets what the heart desires

Before I had children...or even the thought of having children, I had always heard how expensive child care was. I had heard how difficult it was to leave you baby in the care of another and how some mothers dedicated a lot of time to finding the ‘right’ child care provider. As a single, carefree, … Continue reading Sometimes, the heart gets what the heart desires

Healing the 100 year old Apple Tree

Snow was falling fast. Heavy, wet flakes covering us. I have eluded in other posts that we recently purchased and moved into a new home. I call this home my 1986 dream home, not only in honor of the year it was built but also to pay homage to the original rose porcelain toilet, sink … Continue reading Healing the 100 year old Apple Tree