Apple harvest from our 100 year old tree

We moved into our new home in January on a snowy, bitter cold Saturday. My daughter was 9 weeks old, I was on maternity leave, and happy to have the time off to set up the house and unpack. After we moved, we were plagued by a string of snow storms over the next 3 … Continue reading Apple harvest from our 100 year old tree


Taking a breath and making time to for beauty

It been a real whirlwind here at Mrs. Mother Dirt's house. I am officially off from work for the next three weeks as I use up my maternity leave (Paid Family Leave). I have been looking forward to this all summer! Even though Labor Day has passed, September crashed in with a heat wave. It … Continue reading Taking a breath and making time to for beauty

One of my favorite hikes

This past weekend, the weather was near perfect! It was a slightly humid, sun filled, July afternoon. We drove to our favorite nature preserve with one of the few local waterfalls; Rennsealearville Falls. This is the cute little town where Andy Rooney grew up (remember him from CBS 60 minutes?). The preserve is also a research … Continue reading One of my favorite hikes

Here comes the sun

After six looong months of one of the coldest winters on record, this 'heatwave' we have been experiencing is a slice of summer heaven. Anyone who complains it's too hot and says "I'm melting", has surly forgotten the mid-April snow storm and the soul crushing dreary gray and cold that followed us well into spring. … Continue reading Here comes the sun

And…we have a bird

For community service day at my daughters pre-school, the senior class helped the preschoolers build bird houses. Blue bird houses to be exact. The blue bird is the State bird for New York, so I see the learning happening here. The preschool kids painted their birdhouses inspired by Pablo Picasso's sunflowers. They came out amazing … Continue reading And…we have a bird

How I am using the art of Tokonoma

With the onset of lovely weather, I wanted to share a tradition I recently read about, Tokonoma. A tradition in the Japanese culture using what we in America would call an "alcove" in our home, to display things of beauty such as scrolls, flowers, art. The arrangement is generally changed daily to help rejuvenate/stimulate  the … Continue reading How I am using the art of Tokonoma