Stretching our fancy coffee budget

It's well into September and the air has been hot and sticky again. We had a brief cooling off around Labor Day, but summer is isn't ready to let go yet. I don't mind so much, but am ready to feel cooler air. My body is telling me the hot 80's is not natural for … Continue reading Stretching our fancy coffee budget

Frugal weekend, happy heart

This has been one of the best weekends I have enjoyed in a long time. We were given a weekend full of sunshine and hot weather. Just a hint of cool autumn is riding the breeze. The heat has been a surprise. Although I worked all weekend (I will have to tell you all about … Continue reading Frugal weekend, happy heart

Harnessing the power of leftovers

In a previous post, I talked about using a standing menu. In thinking about this approach to feeding my family and staying within a low grocery budget, I realized that eating left overs and designating left-over days on our menu forces us to forage in the refrigerator and cupboard for foods to add to the … Continue reading Harnessing the power of leftovers

Why I use a standing menu for weekly meals

I have been on a self-improvement quest and trying to simplify our family life for the last few years. I first started out with a weekly menu and then a monthly menu. I initiated this when my step-daughter was still an only -child. She liked being able to look at the menu and know what … Continue reading Why I use a standing menu for weekly meals

The hole-y underwear rule

I know, I know...i'm sorry if I have mislead you but I am not actually going to show you my underwear. Lets just say that 'Mom underwear' is different from not-a-mom-yet underwear and far different from single gal underwear. I love soft natural cotton clothing. My favorites are the well-worn, soft from many, many washings. … Continue reading The hole-y underwear rule

Buying Kids Clothes for Less Part 3:Thrift Store Shopping

I have posted previously about different ways to obtain an amazing and functional wardrobe for your children while spending very little money. So far I have covered hand-me-downs, end of season sales, and consignment shopping. So now it's time to dig deeper and spend even Less! Enter the thrift store... The most well-known thrift store … Continue reading Buying Kids Clothes for Less Part 3:Thrift Store Shopping