About Mrs. Mother Dirt



Hi, i’m Erin (a.k.a Mrs. Mother Dirt) and I am so happy you have stopped by. I would describe myself as an introvert (INFJ), purposeful, and happiest when I am tooling around the house organizing, chronicling our family life, creating with my children, or in deep contemplation as I look out the window at the trees. I also enjoy getting outside, exploring, and hiking. For me, spending time in nature is meditative and good for the soul.

I started this blog because I enjoy writing and believe that one should never stop learning or seeking self improvement. Writing is a way for me to clear my mind and think out loud. It also helps me sort through the noise of my day and get in touch with the thoughts and feelings that are bubbling up just below the surface.

I am not sure yet what my blog has to offer other than my honesty and life experiences as a woman, mother, wife, and fellow human in this world. I hope you stop back and visit once in a while or join me along this journey — connection and friends always make life a little  bit better.


Mrs. Mother Dirt

“From the dirt sprout mighty seeds”

Strawberry picking June 2017


Hiking in Upstate New York