The truth about leaving your job

The truth? Here it is, cold and harsh.

No matter how important we feel our job at our company is; no matter how hard we work; no matter how much time we invest, we are simply ‘replaceable‘. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

I struggled with my decision to leave my job. I felt guilty for leaving my small team with even more work on their plates. But the truth is that in the large scheme of the company, my resignation is a small problem to work around.

It’s not to say that you are not respected at your job or that you are not valued, but your value is stamped with an expiration date the minute you tell them you are resigning from your position.

Projects you were commended for bringing to fruition will go by the wayside. The search to replace you will begin shortly after your last day. Your projects will be stripped down and handed out based on the level of importance to the institution. You will no longer be included in emails and project decisions.

Simply put, you are replaceable.

It doesn’t feel very good but is a realization that I personally needed to accept to feel okay with my decision to resign.

Sadly, no matter how much you put into your decision to leave and the timeline you give your employer, those feelings are yours alone. Spending too much time on guilt or worry about the coworker’s you leave behind will not make you feel less emotion about your decision. The fact is that you will be replaced and your projects will live on or be eliminated. Few employers have succession planning. Some employers will terminate you the day you submit your notice. There is no loyalty to the employee, especially in companies where the bottom line is the focus.

In 72 hours I will walk away from my career. To the coworker who stopped to tell me that she thinks my decision is “awesome” because her mom was stay at home most of her school years. That for the decision her mom made to stay home with her, she feels very close with her mom, and as an adult, appreciates always having had her mom there for her. Thank you for sharing this story with me.

God and his universe have a way of giving us the grace we need to get through the tough moments when following the right path. Sometimes, grace is sent in a simple message shared between friends.

With love signature


5 thoughts on “The truth about leaving your job

  1. Caitlin says:

    I tell people this all the time when they are considering making personal sacrifices for their job – the job/employer would never make such a sacrifice for you. While we can have great relationships with our colleagues and sometimes supervisors, employment is a machine without emotion, and 99.9% of the time, any employee is replaceable and expendable.


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