How to be the greatest parent in the world

This is a piece of advice I take solace in. When I was a new mother and scared I would be a bad mom or ruin my children’s lives because of my own upbringing or flaws, I told myself I just needed to do one thing to be a success. To be a successful parent all I need to do is…show up.

I just have to show up

That’s it. That’s all I have to do. It’s that simple. I just have to show up.

I don’t have to parent perfectly, know the right answer, make pinterest worthy crafts or even join the PTA. I just have to show up when my children need me. I have to bear witness to their needs, triumphs, and tribulations.

I don’t need to solve their problems, I just need to listen, to hear, to be there.

If my child has a school concert, I don’t need to invite the extended family or take a million photos to post to social media. I simply need to wave to her from the audience and be there to cheer her on. I just need to show up.

If she cries because her friend is mean or a boy doesn’t like her, I just need to listen, wipe those tears, and let her know I understand that she is hurt by this.

If for some reason I can’t attend her play or soccer game, I need to let her know I will be thinking of her the whole time. Let her know I am her biggest fan…emotionally, show up. 

That’s it, that’s all I ever have to do and I will be the best parent in her eyes. That’s all our children want. They just want us to be there for them. Emotional safety. We may not provide the nicest clothing or enough food for dinner sometimes. We may not have wealth or a fancy car, but when we give of ourselves; our attention, our time, our love – we become the greatest parents in the world.


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