How to tell your coworkers you are leaving to be a SAHM

It’s official! I submitted my letter of resignation to my HR department yesterday (November 29, 2018). Whew! I still have to complete an Exit Interview, but I have 8 work days left. Two weeks from today I will be saying my goodbyes.

If you are considering transitioning home after years in the workforce, it’s not always easy to tell people you are leaving to become a stay at home parent. People generally expect that you are leaving for a better position with another company.

Below is the actual email message I sent to my work team and others I work with around the company. Hopefully, this message will help you if you leave a job or transition home.

With love signature

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving (Company name here). My last day will be Friday, December 14th. As some of you know, I have considered ‘Leaning In’ to motherhood a few times over the years. After much consideration, I have decided to transition home to be available for my girls and our family’s needs.

Life has shown me that, at times, my journey will take me places I least expect. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected places that bring the most joy. I wish each of you joy and success in all that you do.

Thank you for being wonderful friends and colleagues.





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