It Is, Until it Isn’t

“It is, until it isn’t” is a mantra I have been hanging on to for a while. Some people read this slogan as “loss”. I do not. I think it’s about being in the moment.

Being in the moment is all that “is” and worrying about the future is never really helpful. I think it’s okay and healthy to plan for the future, to an extent. But to sit and worry or dwell about a future that isn’t here yet, robs us of living in the present and enjoying the time we have, right now.

When I feel bogged down by my life and worry creeps in, I remind myself that what I have right now, IS…until something changes.

This mantra prevents me from getting stuck emotionally and mentally in things that I can not control.

As we head into the shifting seasons and our lives continue to take turns we don’t always expect, remind yourself: It is, until it isn’t. Enjoy your today.

I realize this post also marks my 100th blog post!

Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to read my blog or leave a comment. You have made this small space on WordPress, a place of joy for me.

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