Frugal weekend, happy heart

This has been one of the best weekends I have enjoyed in a long time. We were given a weekend full of sunshine and hot weather. Just a hint of cool autumn is riding the breeze. The heat has been a surprise.

Although I worked all weekend (I will have to tell you all about my side hustle in another post), I had time to enjoy the weather, season, and practicing my frugal habits. On Saturday morning I did the routine grocery shopping keeping it well within the budget (I only spent $86). Then I took the girls to the Library. The little ones played with the toys while my older girl (my stepdaughter) read and lounged on the library couch. My husband tagged along which gave me an opportunity to check out the annual book sale that benefits the library. For a few dollars a bought an arm load of books. I was delighted. Not that I need more books, but I read a lot of nonfiction, am not buying new books, and do not have a lot of money in the budget for giving/donating. Shopping at the book sale felt like a nice way to show up and support the little local library that we love.

Sunday came in with sunshine and two little girls crawling all over me in our family bed. I was kept awake by little giggles and squeals as the girls threw themselves against me, climbed over me, and played around. Some mornings this would have annoyed me, but not this morning. I tolerated it like a champ and got a lot of play time with my littles. Then I rolled out of bed to make breakfast and coffee before taking our oldest to the book sale. She is a ravenous reader.

Sunday, the book sale was $2 -$3 a bag (depending on the size of your bag). The middle-school reader section was fantastic. I spent time going through the books with her and loaded up an entire bag with hard cover novels. An hour or so later we left the book sale with about a dozen books for $3. Can’t beat that!

When we got home we gathered apples that had fallen from our apple tree and I made an early supper.

We have had so many tomatoes from our farm share that I had to get creative. I sliced half dozen tomatoes and laid them into a baking pan. I layered the tomatoes with onions  and fresh basil. Then I added a second layer and covered it with mozzarella. I baked this for 35 mins at 425 degrees and served it over pasta. Delicious!

Family time, sunshine, books, and cooking. I can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend. What did you do this weekend?

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