Apple harvest from our 100 year old tree

We moved into our new home in January on a snowy, bitter cold Saturday. My daughter was 9 weeks old, I was on maternity leave, and happy to have the time off to set up the house and unpack. After we moved, we were plagued by a string of snow storms over the next 3 months, bringing heavy snow that clung to the tall pines. We lost several tree limbs and found ourselves having to clean up the lawn after each storm.

One particular storm brought down a large branch of our beloved apple tree. The apple tree was one of the things we had fallen in love with when we considered purchasing this home. Because the branch that came down was so large, we had a tree specialist. When they came to remove the large portion that broke off, he told us we would be lucky if the tree would survive such a large wound.

When warm weather came, we put pruning spray on the wound to help keep the bugs from infesting the bark. A month later we were visited by a Piliated Woodpecker who had a grand time drilling the tree for bugs. After hallowing out a large hole in the trunk of the tree, we applied more pruning spray and held our breath. By June we could see green round apples sprouting on the tree. By late August, we had our first apples. We are enamored with this tree providing fruit for us.

Before I head to bed at night, I take a look out of the front door windows and see the deer making their nightly pilgrimage to the tree to glean her plentiful apples , many of which fell off and graced the lawn. It’s been several weeks of apples falling from our tree and I have made two batches of apple sauce, apple muffins and even apple cake.

We had some friends over for apple picking and lavender harvesting. It was one of my favorite days this fall. Today I wandered out to collect the apples that had fallen and to get the ladder from the garage. I wanted to pick the higher apples and have some nice apples to share with neighbors.

I love this tree. My husband and I are keenly aware that the health and life of this tree is limited. We hope to replant an apple tree when the time comes. We just hope the new tree will be half as majestic and wise as this one.


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