Taking a breath and making time to for beauty


It been a real whirlwind here at Mrs. Mother Dirt’s house. I am officially off from work for the next three weeks as I use up my maternity leave (Paid Family Leave). I have been looking forward to this all summer! Even though Labor Day has passed, September crashed in with a heat wave. It has been 90 degrees for the past 4 days. Apples are dropping from our apple tree and the bees are busy pollinating before they hibernate.

Having had the long holiday weekend with  our little family, I have been feeling quite happy. Knowing that it’s 8am and I don’t have to sit down and log into work and deal with email, meetings, and stress is such a gift right now.

After a nice day home with my girls, I convinced my husband to drive up to an overlook at a local state park near our home. The view is beautiful and you can see the outline of Mt Greylock in Massachusetts and Mount Equinox in Vermont.

Driving up here and watching the sunset has been on my summer bucket list and just felt perfect with the early September heat we are having. Sometimes it soothes the soul to take time for beauty when everything else feels so heavy. Its a small reminder that everything is still alright. Faith and hope prevail.

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