When Muphy calls

I am pretty new to Dave Ramsey and his baby steps. I read the Total Money Makeover a few months back and after I put the book down my husband and I got busy putting our money together into joint bank accounts and creating a zero based budget. I thought we were on a roll. We had our debts listed from smallest to highest and paid off our smallest student loan in full.

Then my employer went through another round of lay offs which affected at least 50 employees. Well, it affected us all but 50 positions were cut. The rest of us are left with work loads that exceed capacity and we are barely keeping our heads above water. No one is safe. After the layoffs came the announcement that all “remote” employees living less than 100 miles away from the Institution are required to work in the office beginning September 3rd.

My husband and I have been waiting for this day for the past year and a half. There were rumors that leadership didn’t support remote work and flexibility. Sadly, our debt snowball had to stop and we went into ‘storm cloud’ mode. I scrapped together several thousand dollar over the next few pay periods and we initiated the refinance of our home. When we purchased this house, the sale of our other home came apart 11 days before the closing. We had movers booked and didn’t know what we were going to do.

Our realtor stepped in and managed to get us a bridge loan.This was essentially a private mortgage – interest only -through an investor. He fronted us the cash in full and we have 1 year to pay it back. Our “mortgage payment” is an interest payment on the amount of the “loan” at  2.5%  or roughly $600 per month.

Not knowing what would happen with my job, we decided to start the refinance process as soon as the six-month mark hit. We figured it is better to show our dual income to the bank. Everything was going well. It was mid-July and we were excited to get his process wrapped up Then our assessment came back and fell about 16K less than the 80% debt to mortgage ratio we needed. Definitely not what we expected. When I looked at our bank accounts, the money we need to pay the bank is the same amount we have saved. Paying the closing costs will wipe out everything in our budget except our current paychecks. Our Christmas fund…gone.  Our car maintenance fund….gone. Our clothing fund……gone. You get the picture.

So here we are, early September and we still don’t have a closing date and it seems the bank keeps adding on expenses to what we need for the closing. We were quoted one price and then another. Until we close, we are eating rice and beans and on a zero spend.

In the mean time, Murphy continues to make his presence known. Our vacuum cleaner is now rubber banded to keep the canister attached, our dog ripped the screen on the back sliding door (it is now duct taped) and my husband is not getting a full paycheck due to an overpayment from his employer during his paternity leave. To boot, my pay for the month of September will be at 50% until the insurance company send me the other 50% of my pay for my last 3 weeks of Paid Family Leave (the last 3 weeks of my maternity benefits). The check should come in early October, hopefully in time for the mortgage payment.

They say, when it rains it pours. Maybe its a test of one’s will and grit to make their way through the rain to other side of the storm.

What do YOU do when Murphy pays a visit? DO you become overwhelmed with stress or do you muster the strength to give gratitude for what you have and move forward?



7 thoughts on “When Muphy calls

  1. momlifewithchiari says:

    When it rains it does pour. We’ve been there – are there. There’s the never ending amount of bills that pile up, the never ending school expenses, it feels like they ask for money weekly for one thing or another. But you’re eating, you have a roof over your head and you’re all alive. It’s not the best situation to be in, yes, it’s not what you want, yes, you always want security – financial security, yes, but the most important thing is that, all that will get resolved. Not in our time, but in His. I always think, it could be worse.
    There’s an app I use called, OfferUp, I sell things there to make money, like handbags, shoes, kids toys – you’d be surprised how many people are wanting to buy toys. Try something like that. I also try not to think about what we’ll get tomorrow, focus on today, it’s a tiny bit less stressful. Courage! 😊🙏🏽

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    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      My umbrella is leaking 🙂 It feel bad, very bad to be so financially drained. I think that is HIS will. I think my husband and I need to be taken down to bones to build our family back up TOGETHER. I also started a side hustle last month and am waiting for my first pay check. I am putting some kids items (outgrown clothes, shoes, baby gear) in a consignment sale next week. May have a yard sale this weekend. Anything to get the debt snowball rolling again! Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

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      • momlifewithchiari says:

        Yes! I remember having just had my third baby, I’m home a couple days after he was born and my husband comes home from work and tells me, he’s been laid off. God had His hand over me, because I simply said, it’s ok and gave him a hug. Gods got this! After that, we began having friends and family and even strangers coming to the house, with loads of groceries, at one point we didn’t even have space to store everything. Gods got this! We have two babies now with diapers – not twins, and there’s been times when we’re down to our last one, when boom, someone comes to see us and says, I brought you some diapers. Gods got this! He knows your fears, your sufferings, He knows, He’s there. He’s not going to leave your side.
        As they say, God will put His part, we will put ours. You’re doing yours! Yes, put them the items on sale! That’s a phenomenal idea. I just sold on the app one of my girls backpack for $25, not bad! Haha and from there, we build up. I’m using the app OfferUp because you can put it according to your area.

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      • mrsmotherdirt says:

        That’s amazing! I haven’t heard of OfferUp. FB marketplace is big in our area. Our area also has HUGE multi day children’s consignment sales twice a year. I have sold things two other times and netted about $700. I don’t have as much to part with this time, but even $100 would be great. Plus it means I can shop early and grab some snow pants and boots for my 4year old at a fraction of store prices. I could use a little decluttering anyway 😉

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      • momlifewithchiari says:

        Wow! That’s amazing! I’m not on Facebook but I’m sure it’d be faster to sell things on there. While OfferUp is what’s working g for me, it’s extremely slow to sell items. 😕 oh yes! I’m always decluttering, I don’t like to hang on to things that no longer serve a purpose in the home. And if I can make a few dollars on something that is still good to reuse, then yes 🙌🏽 I know there other apps, maybe if you put the items on multiple places, Facebook and on another app 😊

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  2. The Secret World of Cin says:

    Well, that sucks. It seems like you are going through a really tough time…but at least it is one that in some way or another you can work yourself out of. All of the change, adjustment and rice and beans in the world sometimes is worth it in the end. After all look at the bright side, you could have cancer. 😀 Not to say that’s what I would want for you, o hec no, I am saying that things could be worse. In time, your situation will be better. So when I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer…I pretty much grabbed Murphy by the ear and chuckled, “Not this time buddy.”

    I didn’t used to be that bold. I mean I was brave, but not bold. I would just put my head down and keep working, always looking for the light through what seemed like q never ending tunnel. I would get depressed, sometimes angry, and scream “Life just isn’t fair!” Life was fair, I just didn’trealize it lol. The day they gave me 6-9 months and a 3% chance at living three years everything stopped. Immediately I realized what mattered the most. Then I started throwing the biggest fit in the history of mankind. Now, those things still bother me (try re-financing your mortgage when you can’t tell the bank if your even going alive to make payments in six months, and explaining why you look ok but are now on disability with a terminal illness haha!).

    What I am saying us, things could always be worse, and almost always life has a way of putting that into perspective for us. I would take Murphy any day of the week and twice on Sunday if it meant my 4-year old didn’t have to grow up without a mama.

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    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      ❤ ❤ Absolutely! Wow, you have an incredible story! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and giving me a dose of reality. Yes, things could be so much worse. It's been an uphill trudge for my family for what feels like a very, long time. There is never any "catching up", but I think we had to be stripped all the way down to learn how to build back up TOGETHER as a team and family.

      I have a 4-yr old also 🙂

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