What happened to my zucchini?

Just having a little fun here! There is a hint of phallic though…

I didn’t jump into the “zoodle” craze. In fact, I had never even heard of zoodles until I heard a group of co-workers talking about them. At the time I quietly rolled my eyes over this craze. A year or so later I was eating a low carb diet and happened upon a recipe for low and behold…ZOODLES!  So I took a look on my local Craig’s List because I was not about to spend $50 on a plastic zoodle maker. I found the Williams & Sonoma model basically new for $20. When any food, diet, or gadget craze is over, you can find like-new items for sale at a fraction of the price.

Ah, what the hell?, I thought. I emailed the seller of this spiralizer, and soon we had a place and date to meet.

It was a rainy evening as my car pulled up to the apartment building in the historic park district of our small city. Wet and muggy, the street was humming with evening activity. I pressed the buzzer for the apartment number the seller had provided and announced my name, “Hi, it’s Erin from Craigslist for the spiralizer”. She must have lived on one of the top floors or had to wait for an elevator because it was a few minutes before she arrived at the door.

After a good five minutes of swatting away gnats and listening to the pitter patter of rain on my umbrella, out popped a dark, curly-haired, twenty-something with a bag. We smiled at one another and I traded my  $20 bill for her conspicuous white bag. I could hear some pieces clanking around inside of it. We made some small talk about the rainy weather and then I asked her a question before we parted ways. “Can I ask you, why are you selling the spiralizer?”. For some reason I wanted reassurance that the product I was buying was not broken or damaged in some way.

The seller simply replied, “I am not really a zoodle person. I actually like pasta better.”

Fair enough, I thought.

Then as if she understood my need for asking the question, she added, “the spiralizer works great! I hope you like it. “.

“Thanks”, I said before waving my final good-bye.

Three years later and I have to admit, the spiralizer does work great! If you need to maintain a gluten free diet like me or are eating grain free (paleo, keto), this is a valid alternative to pasta. It’s not hard to use and clean up is easy. In general I am not a fan of GF pasta. It’s hard to cook it just right and it is only edible when it is fresh and hot. Left over, it gets funky in texture.

Zoodles are actually kind of fun!


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