SOS and other food my mother made

Some of you are familiar with SOS. I have heard that it’s well known among military folk . The official name is chipped beef but in my house growing up, it was referred to as ‘shit on a shingle’. Classy, eh?

My mother would make her SOS using steak-umms (do they even make steak-umms anymore?…don’t answer that, I don’t really want to know), white flour/water gravy over toast.

I have ONE word for this meal, YUCK!

As young as 11 years old, I down right refused to eat this. I would make toast or a pbj. In all honesty, I didn’t like much of the food my mother cooked. She didn’t like anything green and was a real meat and potatoes kind of woman. A farmers daughter.

Perhaps all those plates of SOS, Sunday potroast, and packages of bologna are the reason I abstained from meat eating early in my adult life. I cut red meat at 18/19 years of age and was full vegetarian by my 25th birthday. Of course after a decade, pregnancy changed everything. Sigh…..

One thing I know, I will never serve my kids shit in a shingle. Or soggy water logged tuna that smells like cat food. I mean, barf!

My kiddos are eating gourmet, if I do say so myself.

I would love to know, what was the meal you detested as a kid?

4 thoughts on “SOS and other food my mother made

  1. Claudette says:

    Anything from a box. I grew up in Europe in the 70s and we didn’t buy boxed prepared food. So then I arrived in North America as a tween and some of my friends aye boxed Mac and Cheese, the bright orange stuff. It was foreign to me, tasted so salty, and I still make my own with grated fresh cheese and quality pasta. ;). I also couldn’t stomach Wonderbread. Tasted like gum. 🙃

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  2. Caitlin says:

    There were several meals I detested as a kid, though my mother is actually an excellent and healthy cook. One that comes to mind was stir-fry tofu. I hated all the veggies. I absolutely love veggies now, in nearly any format, and I make many dishes my mom did. I’m sure my kids will hate a lot of the things I cook, but I hope they also grow to appreciate them.

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