The great debate; where do I stand?

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I have been ignoring the media for most of the past 2 years. I am not on Facebook enough to know what political controversies are brewing and I was not ‘notified’ that my personal information was sold/acquired by Cambridge Analytics (yay?).

I was taught that you don’t talk about your age, income/finances or politics. I think this is still relevant to the workplace, but more informal circles, it’s probably ok to share your views and struggles at times.

Am I a Trump supporter? Am I a bleeding heart liberal with a fancy education? Am I a moderate? A democratic socialist? A communist? Green Party supporter?

Well, one thing I know for certain is that I am a fallible HUMAN. God should be placed above all (in any form you seek), compassion is sorely needed in this world and we can agree to disagree and still shake hands because we respect one another.

The media – written and televised, want us to be divided. It sells headlines which equates to money. Our hatred, bigotry, and competition with one another is making a few select people VERY wealthy. We are pawns to man-made evil.

Taking a political stance will not change it. But you know what will? Putting God, your relationship and your children FIRST. Turn off your television. Get out of debt (stop being a victim enslaved to the top 1%), become independent (grow your own food, learn how to handle a fire arm responsibly if you chose to exercise your 2nd ammendment), save your money, educate yourself at the library, read books on different cultures from different perspectives, and yes, VOTE for the candidate that best shares your values.

I am a registered Independent. Why? Because I feel that I AM an independent. I have voted in major elections for both democrats and republicans. I have voted for the working-family party and the labor party. I vote for the candidate who shares my values and vision for what is possible. 

I don’t care what party you support. I love you because you are my fellow citizen. I don’t want us to be divided and perhaps we are not truly as divided as the media would like to portray, but violence is never the answer.

Be compassionate. Pray for those you simply do not like or can not agree with. Send love, not hate. Let’s make this debate…no so ‘great’. 

Much Love to you all –

Mrs. Mother Dirt

4 thoughts on “The great debate; where do I stand?

  1. Cait Winters says:

    I feel the same way! I realize I dont need an opinion on every issue especially those out of my control and that my energy is better spent working on my little corner of the world. Leaders used to and should bring the people together. Many politicians of today are just ruthless, play dirty, and bank on division. The sad part is most people are pretty moderate and reasonable not so extreme left or right. If only we could work together.

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