Three things I love about this summer and practicing gratitude

Summer time, sweet summer time. It is my favorite season. Maybe it’s because I am a summer baby or the fact that summer, like most amazing things, is short-lived. There is a small window of warm weather, fireflies, no school schedules, and peepers that serenade us through the night. The first stage is green and lush, fading as the mid-summers heat envelops us for a month or so. As summer winds down, a cool autumn breeze will push her way in.

While we are in the throes of the heat and sunshine, I am thankful for these last few weeks and the easy, carefree feeling summer evokes.

First, I am overwhelmed with joy to be in our new home! I’ve never seen so many rainbows before. Here are some pictures of the double rainbow that appeared after a heavy summer rain on Tuesday.


Although we didn’t get to enjoy the pool due to the rain, I am thrilled to live in a town with such a family friendly, affordable amenity. Here is the view of a perfect summer day from our sun tent at the pool.


The third thing I love about this summer is our decision to become members of the CSA again. Joining a CSA was one of the first things ‘as a couple’ my husband and I did when we started dating. Now that we have two little girls of our own, it feels as though something that nourished us and our relationship early on, is now nourishing our children. All the goodness of the Farm, the love of the labor, the minerals and health of the soil, the goodwill of the farmers and volunteers, are being transferred to our family through food and community. It is truly a wonderful thing. If you have Community Supported Agriculture in your area, I highly recommend purchasing a share supporting local farms and feeding your family local food.


What are you thankful for this summer?  What are a few of your favorite things happening?

2 thoughts on “Three things I love about this summer and practicing gratitude

  1. kat says:

    Bubbles. I am so thankful for bubbles this summer. With two toddlers, it’s nice to get out and let them chase after the bubbles, which also sufficiently tired them out so they sleep. I love the long summer days, but we have to close all the blinds by sunset to make the kids believe it’s bedtime.

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