One of my favorite hikes

This past weekend, the weather was near perfect! It was a slightly humid, sun filled, July afternoon. We drove to our favorite nature preserve with one of the few local waterfalls; Rennsealearville Falls. This is the cute little town where Andy Rooney grew up (remember him from CBS 60 minutes?). The preserve is also a research station and they offer many family and community events that help preserve the local ecology and even teach classes on foraging for mushrooms.

My favorite trail leads to the Upper Falls. At the top of the falls You walk down a rocky pathway and over a one lane bridge to the falls overlook.

The trail is well maintained and covered by a canopy of beautiful old growth forest. There are remnants of an old stone wall and felt mill that was once powered by the falls.

There is something that connects with me on visceral level when I am near water. The sound of the trickle or rush of the falls is a welcome noise. It signifies life. Water is a dynamic element that changes in shape and form. It can be vapor (fog), a solid (ice), or liquid. That’s pretty magical. Humans are also composed of 70% water. We grow from an embryo, into a fetus and finally a baby, while living and breathing in water (amniotic fluid). I simply feel at home near water.

Have you had any adventures lately?

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