Basil: The proper way to store it

I love fresh basil. The fragrant aroma tickles of senses and makes nearly any dish test exquisite! Have you ever bought fresh basil from the store, wrapped it in a paper towel or tea cloth only to find it wilted or with brown spots over the next day or two? Well, that has been my experience until I received a tip from the farmer who runs the CSA we are members of.

She told me to “snip the ends” just like when you cut fresh flowers, and to store the basil in a jar or vase of water….yes, just like flowers. My basil was a little wilted from the intense heat and in a few hours, it perked right back up!

We have been putting fresh basil leaves in our pasta and salads all week and our basil cuts are still vibrant and lush!

You can see the fresh cut basil leaves in this salad. It adds a wonderful flavor!

Do you have any tips on storing fresh herbs and greens?

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