Personal Growth For my Next Tour Around the Sun

Gosh…if we aren’t growing and evolving as individuals and as humankind, then what are we doing on this earth?  I don’t believe our change needs to be monumental. Even a nudge in a better direction is change that will ripple through time.

I have held core beliefs and wants my whole life. We all do. But some of us are better than others at actualizing them. I find that I get distracted and my commitment to myself and my goals start getting away from me. If there is any trait that I would like to instill in my daughters, it’s the trait of resolve (decide firmly on a course of action). I hope they can stick like glue to their resolutions if it gets them to reach their goals.

I find myself another year traveled around the sun and I am still chipping away at the same goals I have wanted for many years. I guess it’s time to strengthen my own resolve and lead by the example I want to set for my children. They are little sponges and having someone model the behavior is a sure way for them to learn, see it in action and acquire some grit.

As my birthday approaches over the next few weeks, I am getting serious about reaching my goals. I will be setting a very detailed plan to measure each goal and the accomplishments. Having a written plan should keep me on track.

Here are my (birthday) Goals:

#1. Getting out of debt – I have been reading and listening to Dave Ramsey. I wish someone would have gifted me one of his books when I was first out of college. Truth and simplicity are the key to happiness and he oozes both!

#2. Yoga journey – getting toned, healing my core, and practicing self-care

#3. Hike more! – I love being outdoors and I am a member of a local hiking group so I have made the effort to schedule 3 hikes since the end of May. After such a long winter in the North East, I don’t dare miss a moment of sunshine.

#4. Last Baby – this all depends on the nursing and weaning of baby #2. I let baby #1 self-wean so I was infertile for 2 years. My daughters have a 3.5 year gap between them. I am hoping to not wait as long for my last baby, mainly due to my advanced maternal age. I plan to wean baby #2 around 18 months if my fertility has not returned by then. This would retuned fertility around this time next year.

I have many dreams in my heart, but these 4 are the dreams that come knocking the most. When they are unfulfilled they creep back in to my consciousness. They refuse to be ignored. This time I plan to honor them.

How do you achieve your goals? Do you use the New Year’s or your birthday to start fresh?

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