Makeover Plan to Get My Physical Health Back

Here I am, seven months postpartum and ready to get back into shape! This past winter was so long and cold, I thought I would never have the energy to put back into myself. But the universe had other plans and brought me a month of sunshine and optimism. I now feel refreshed and ready for my physical re-birth. It could also be that my actual birthday is coming up, which signifies a new year for me to implement new habits to continue to become the person I want to evolve to.

I posted earlier about needing to get back to physical self-care. I have chosen an exercise that has been calling to me for years, but I chose to ignore the calling. I have resisted Yoga because it is popular and cliche and also because I have done it (mostly prenatal yoga) and never really love it. I find it difficult and slightly painful but I always feel like a million bucks when I am done. Go figure! I have no idea why I have felt drawn to this exercise despite not loving it, but it has been calling to me for so long that now I am ready to accept that Yoga is my new journey.

I have a nine degree curve in my L5 (lower lumbar including the tail bone), which formed in early adulthood after a repetitive sport injury involving the sacroiliac joint on my right side. I have been visiting a chiropractor when my hips get crooked or my back starts to curve into a painful C-shape. With two pregnancies and births under my belt and my scoliosis, I need to rebuild my core strength and posture. I have maintained good muscle tone, but after this last pregnancy, I am starting to have the flat butt – protruding tummy look which is a postural issue left over from carrying my body front-loaded. I need to re-align, breathe deep and find some time for myself and my body.

Being that I am often holding a child or fur-baby in my arms, being climbed on, poked at, snuggled on, pawed at – maybe as a mother or parent, you can relate! It can be taxing and stressful. Lately, I feel like I simply do not have a moment to myself.  I am looking forward to starting my Yoga journey and feeling physically better each day.



2 thoughts on “Makeover Plan to Get My Physical Health Back

    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      Oh, maybe we can keep each other inspired and motivated. I am actually starting the PiYo program because I need a map of what to do everyday just to get me started and keep me motivated. I am just having a hard time figuring out a schedule of consistent alone time….sigh…

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