The hole-y underwear rule

I know, I know…i’m sorry if I have mislead you but I am not actually going to show you my underwear. Lets just say that ‘Mom underwear’ is different from not-a-mom-yet underwear and far different from single gal underwear.

I love soft natural cotton clothing. My favorites are the well-worn, soft from many, many washings. I love them best when they just start to thin out. Overtime, cotton will become soft and thin. If it’s really loved, it will be nearly shear or start to get pin-holes in it. This is when the garment is most comfort but also at the end of its life. I have resisted any major shopping or wardrobe overhauls for quite a few years now. Most of my work attire is going  on 8 years of wear. I have replaced some of my casual clothing because it tends to wear out faster. But in order to stop buying things I don’t need (like more clothes), I have been wearing what I have until it’s done.

 “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” – Boyd K. Packer

It doesn’t make me very fashionable in the office (yes, I still wear bootcut ‘slacks’) and I sometimes feel like an old, school marm, but I make it work! Some of my pants have had to be mended along the hem line. I have done it by hand, not pretty but it works. I mean, who is staring at my ankles and the hem of my pants anyway????

In order to use what I’ve got, stay in budget, and focus on bigger goals, I am wearing my clothes out before I purchase more. The rule I have created is; once there are holes, it’s gotta got! I am all for mending (like the hem of my trousers), but T-shirts, cotton sock, and underwear…well there are usually several holes and it’ just time to let them go.

When do you let go of your old favorites? 

9 thoughts on “The hole-y underwear rule

  1. Claudette says:

    I rarely shop. Helps that I don’t like shopping. But then the teenager is growing like a weed and he needed summer stuff and I found myself in a store so I got a couple of new things. Things that actually fit… 🙂 I too hold on to my thinned, comfy cotton clothing until it’s begging me to stop wearing it.

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  2. kat says:

    I absolutely hate shopping and spending the next few years making everything soft and comfortable, so I wear clothes until they have indecent holes or are literally falling apart on me. Being comfortable means so much more to me for than being fashionable.

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  3. NorCal Zen says:

    I spent $5 at a Salvation Army store earlier this week, and I felt like a winner! I got 7 t-shirts (they had a clearance rack,) 1 skirt, 1 book, and my daughter got a new summer jacket (that was the only thing she needed.) I’m sure we’re not the most stylish family, but we are usually clean (unless we’re working around the garden/animals,) there’s no whole in our clothes, and they are the right size/fit/color for us. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to dress decently. I like that. You have many good thoughts about economy in your blog. I’m all in for frugal living. Time with your loved ones is so much more important.

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