And…we have a bird

For community service day at my daughters pre-school, the senior class helped the preschoolers build bird houses. Blue bird houses to be exact. The blue bird is the State bird for New York, so I see the learning happening here.

The preschool kids painted their birdhouses inspired by Pablo Picasso’s sunflowers. They came out amazing for 3-4 year olds.

Despite the drizzly spring rain, my husband put the birdhouse up in the back year as soon as we brought it home. Everyday after school we would peek inside, disappointed to see an empty wooden box. About a week later, we noticed a bird flying around and darting back an forth with straw in its beak. It was in and out of that birdhouse, just as busy as can be.

We left it alone for a few days before peeking inside. When we finally took another look, there was a nest!!!

Finally, we caught a glimpse of the bird who built himself a little home in that house. We look for him every evening now. Who knew such a tiny creature could bring our family so much joy!

3 thoughts on “And…we have a bird

  1. Mother of girls says:

    Oh this is fantastic we too have a bird house in our little garden and regulars get mama birds nesting with eggs such an amazing thing to see and my daughters love learning about each specific species what colour their eggs are going to be. We also have a hedgehog hotel and recieve regular visitors. Such a beautiful thing to share with your childen.



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