How I am using the art of Tokonoma

With the onset of lovely weather, I wanted to share a tradition I recently read about, Tokonoma. A tradition in the Japanese culture using what we in America would call an “alcove” in our home, to display things of beauty such as scrolls, flowers, art. The arrangement is generally changed daily to help rejuvenate/stimulate  the senses and maintain a sense of awareness.

(in a Japanese house) a recess or alcove, typically a few inches above floor level, for displaying flowers, pictures, and ornaments.

I love this idea. A tangible method to ‘stop and smell the flowers’,  if you will. A reminder to stop functioning on auto pilot. Instead, incorporate a reminder to see things with a new perspective.

I wanted to adopt this tradition for our home not only to Inspire myself and my family, but to have a place to display all of the items my daughter picks up from playing outside. Rocks, acorns, pinecones, flowers, etc… It’s a way to get kids excited about nature and practicing looking for beautiful things in their environment to display.

I am hoping our Tokonoma will contribute to my children’s appreciation of the natural world and help them focus on beauty and positive things, not negative or “ugly” parts of this world. I believe that our environment affects our well being. This small practice will help incorporate a little more positivity every day.

Here is a picture of our Tokonoma: even the repurposed pasta sauce jar, peeling label and all, looks beautiful.

2 thoughts on “How I am using the art of Tokonoma

  1. kat says:

    What a lovely idea! I think my son has started doing something like this. He keeps collecting rocks and they just have to be on the dining table. Though now with this idea maybe I can make it more functional and pretty.

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