Why I should behave more like my dog

Our dog is a Pharaoh Hound. Pure breed from a line of champion show dogs. She is gorgeous, gentle, sassy, and a bit of a fancy pants. While she looks like a greyhound-doberman mix, her bite is all bark if you know what I mean. She will bark at you and run away from you simultaneously (chicken!). She will never run out of the door in front of you, lest there be danger. No, she will just hang back and let you go first. If you are not instantly gobbled up by a tiger, then she will follow behind you.

A bit shy maybe, but don’t let this characteristic fool you. She has stealth and a regal demeanor. If you pay close attention to your canine friend, they have many gifts to share with you. Here are a few things I have learned from mine.

Strike while the iron is hot – She is an opportunist. If I am at the counter prepping a salad and a carrot rolls off the cutting board, she has snatched it up and is crunching it before I can stoop to see where it fell. This is also known to humans as “strike while the iron is hot” or  “if you snooze you lose”. Not this dog. She is waiting in the wings for an opportunity to open up. She is ready.

Me. well…I am probably still in my pajamas and no where near mentally ready for opportunity. Sigh….

Follow your gut – She is ruled by instinct. She is 100% tuned into her own dog needs and the instincts she needs to be a dog and survive. It is only our impact, human influence,  on her nature that gets in her way. Like the fact  that I won’t let her chase down a squirrel for lunch while we are out walking.

Instinct in life is key. Tuning into our selves, listening to those red flags will save us headache, heartache, and precious time. To not listen is to endure regret.

Believe in yourself. Don’t second guess your ability – She is confident. This dog is a boss and she possesses grace. She is flawless unless she second guesses herself, then she gets in the way, under our feet, over our feet, scrambling across the floor.

Anytime we second guess our inherent, deep intuition, even for just a moment, we hesitate. Those split seconds of hesitation, second guessing, can alter our actions and cause recourse we didn’t anticipate. When we let a negative thought enter our mind, we have lost our power and we make mistakes.

These are powerful lessons. We are not so different from our canine side kicks, its just that humans have lost their way. We are no longer in sync with our natural world (outside), much less our inner world (psyche). Lets take a minute to appreciate our fur babies and admire their grace, intellect, and keen instinct. Maybe we could show them an extra bit of loyalty in gratitude…or maybe an extra cookie would work. 😉

What do you appreciate about your pet?


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