Hand me downs, organizing, and decluttering

I recently posted about the worthiness of hand-me-downs and consignment shopping. I must have put some good vibes into the universe because a friend stopped by a few days later with bags of hand-me-downs for baby#2 (Score!). Being gifted some clothing combined with my baby having a growth spurt in a matter of days, I was in need of sorting and reorganizing her stuff. I wanted to go through her 0-3 month and 6 month stock pile to pass items on to a friend who is having a baby in June. My now 5 month old is fitting well into her 6 month clothing and teetering on 6-9 month wear. How babies seem to literally grow overnight is amazing. She was 21 inches at her 4 month pediatrician visit and is now about to blow through her 6 month footed onesies (24-25 inches maybe?). Incredible!

Weeding through baby clothes and hand-me-downs started a snowball of combing through our stuff to declutter and give to others. Besides, when its April and barely above freezing with gray clouds with spitting icy rain, what do you have better to do? It was also a nice way to engage my 3 year old. She helped sort the clothes and handed me hangers…hours of screen-free time :-).

I also ended up packing away my winter clothes in exchange for spring/summer clothing (if it ever gets here!). I also gathered up all my maternity clothes that were in different totes and neatly placed them together where I can find them should I need them or need to pass them on. I am down to 3 totes of clothes for storage, not bad! I have a small pile of spring clothes and jeans to drop at the donation center.

Hand-me-downs are a blessing! It lets you know someone is thinking of you. It’s good for the environment to reuse clothing. It’s good for our children to see us parents sharing our bounty with others, and it’s good for the pocket book.



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