The hiss and the furry


It was past six o’clock and I was preparing dinner. The sun had been shinning so the sliding door shade was open. Our kitty likes to sit on her scratching post and look out at the neighborhood critters running around the trees.

I heard her growl which she is prone to do when she perceives threat. I thought she was growling at our dog since my husband has just left to take her on her post dinner walk. I thought maybe they cut through the backyard. But it would be odd for her to growl at the dog.

I heard her deep growl again followed by a hiss so I decided to take a peek.

“Oh wow! A large cat….oh wait! Thats not a cat!”

This is the first raccoon we have seen. Plenty of deer, but this critter was oddly cute and licking the grease off our gas can for the grill.

In another 15 mins it was dark and he was gone. Our deck is ground level and has a concrete foundation under it but something has burrowed into the dirt and is living under the deck. There is a large gap between the ground and the deck at the corner, large enough that maybe this guy resides there. I don’t think its skunks because we never smell them.

We won’t be letting the girls run around out back without supervision until we have this guy humanely removed and relocated.

You can see more of our furry friend here: Mrs. Mother Dirt

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