Staying engaged with your kids when the days seem long

This past weekend was a gift. Thursday, Friday and Saturday seemed to stretch out their golden hours and allow our family to enjoy the days. I got around to doing some crafty science with the girls. We also lucked out and had a day of 50 degrees with sunshine that allowed us to get outside and start cleaning up the yard, soak in the sun, and run around playing chase. With working full time and having so many errands to run on the weekend, the days that seem easy and slow are rare.

Friday happened to be Good Friday so there was no school for the two big girls. I worked from home and was able to scoot out the door at 4:30pm to get the girls to the library for some new books. When we got home, we made an easy dinner and had some fun making Gak. It’s a bit like Ooblek but a tad thicker. It was fun to let my 3yo measure the ingredients and let her and her big sister work through cooperating without my interference. I think it’s good practice to let them navigate sharing and problem solving together.

Making Gak was also a bit of a math lesson (measuring) and a science project. The property of Gak (much like Ooblek) changes based on the ratio of water and corn starch, as well as the amount of pressure applied directly to it. Under pressure (squeezed in your hand) it acts like a solid much like playdoh. Without pressure, it oozes. This would make a great STEM activity for homeschoolers.

Saturday I shopped. we cleaned out the shed at the old house, organized our new garage and I did yard work with my little babes helping me. It was a gorgeous spring day. We even took time to color eggs.

Keeping kids busy during long, open days can be challenging. Having some fun activities lined up to do can be rewarding and make those long days a little sweeter.



If you are interested in the the recipe for Gak or other great activities for kids, you can see my book review here

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