The second time is sweeter

Oh the second baby. After the ravage of childbirth, the year of ‘firsts’, surviving sleep deprivation, and finally getting the hang of it, along comes the desire to have another baby. With the exception of ‘one and done’ families and the ‘whoops! I didn’t really plan that one’, there comes a time when baby fever for another begins.

It took me two years for my postpartum fertility to return after my daughter was born. Then I struggled through a miscarriage before my rainbow baby #2 came along. My children are three-and-a-half years apart. Yes, I would have planned them closer if I could but that wasn’t in the plan for me, and that’s okay.

I was so happy, and nervous about baby #2. Would I love her as much as I loved my first born? Will we bond? There were doubts and things I was not yet able to understand or comprehend.Β What I can tell you for certain is that you do bond and you do love them. And best of all, you can relax.

Your first baby is just that, the first. Everything is new. Everything you do is a first. But the second baby..,oh the second one is sweeter. It isn’t your first rodeo. You have honed some wisdom and experience. You know when to worry and when to slow down and enjoy the moment, because you have learned that those baby years go way too fast. The gurgles, the first laugh, the gazing eyes locked in love with you, your face, your smile.

Oh, how it goes so fast.

From cradled to walking. From nursing to talking. Each phase passing on to the next. Each moment so precious and you know. You know this is true. So you soak a little longer in the snuggles. You breathe them in a little deeper, and slow down.

The second time is sweeter.

4 thoughts on “The second time is sweeter

  1. lifetastesbetteronabudget says:

    I never thought I would struggle to want to have a second baby, but I did. It wasn’t until 6 months ago that a switch was flipped in me very suddenly that I KNEW I wanted to have another. We haven’t started trying yet but I can’t wait. I want my little girl to have a sibling. She is a little mother herself and she would be just the best big sister! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights on something that is so personal πŸ™‚

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