Ode to my Cat; Bug Hunter Extraordinaire

We adopted a cat one week before my first child was born. What the hell were we thinking when we thought bringing a cat into our home with a prey driven dog and brand new baby was a good idea? Fast forward and I have to tell you that this cat is not only amazing with my babies, she is gentle ( she will attack wiggly toddler goes on occasion) and patient even when they pinch her fur or hold her tail too tight.

She also eats bugs. In fact, she loves to eat her some bugs. And I thank her for it. We used to have- no lie- centipedes 2-3 inches long. Fat ones! Their legs moving so fast it looked like fur. Once we got the cat- and she loved the basement, I rarely saw one on the first or second floor again! As harmless as they are, I don’t want to run into one when I stick my hand in the cupboard.

Now we are in a new house and the cat isn’t allowed in the basement. Since the dog will not go up the stairs, the entire second floor of the house is the cats domain. It appears we have silverfish up there. I have seen a few silverfish in the girls bathroom and twice one was on/in my bed – really not what I want to see in my bed. I notice the cat also likes to hang under the bed ( not a new behavior) and I hear her occasionally pounce on things in wee hours of the night and I smile and drift back to sleep because I know she is eating a bug that I will never have to meet.

So to my dear, sweet, beloved cat (her name is Dolce and she is kind of famous) – Thank You for eating the bugs in our home. You keep the critters at bay and I feel safer for it. You will always have a home with us. Meow!

6 thoughts on “Ode to my Cat; Bug Hunter Extraordinaire

  1. Amy says:

    Cute! We adopted a new kitten when my daughter was one month old…. Boy did I regret that for a long time…. But now they’re best buddies and it’s an adorable friendship. Our cat doesn’t hunt worth a crap though, even for bugs. He had no idea that there was a mouse in our house, even as we tried to catch it when it ran behind our couch. He just sat there watching us like we were crazy.

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    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      πŸ™‚ LOL. Our cat was sweet but scrappy when we adopted her. She had some fur missing along her ears and a tendency to gorge on her food (probably from malnourishment and not knowing when she would eat again). She was rescued with several other cats when their owners were evicted. I am sure her time on the street allowed her to hone her hunter skills. Today you would never know she had been homeless.


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