What do these dreams mean?

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I recently attended a preschool birthday party for a child in my daughter’s class. It was lovely, age appropriate and fun. The following night I had a dream that it was the day of my own child’s birthday party and at 4 or 5 pm she had one friend over playing. In my dream I said or thought, “that’s okay if nobody else shows up”. I told everyone the cake cutting would be between 6-6:30. I am going to point out the obvious here…many dreams do not make sense. For example, in real life people would RSVP to a party.

Back to my dream…suddenly people started to arrive to our home. Apparently, the party was at our house (which looked nothing like our real house does). I told my husband I needed to run to the store for another cake because the one we had in the freezer was too small.
Dreams are irrational but follow me here…I left to go to the grocery store and to our organic co-op for a gluten free option. Of course I could not get down the congested isles and the co-op only had a bag of banana bread for a gf treat. I was also having trouble finding my car and realized I left my cell phone at home so I could not call my husband to ask him to remove the small cake from the freezer. When I arrived back home to the party, it was 2 hours later and everyone had left without singing happy birthday or having any cake.

When I asked my husband where everyone was he said, that after waiting, they all left to go to Target. Out of the corner of my eye in could see my daughter standing there anxious with her fingers to her mouth perhaps in disappointment that no one celebrated or sang happy birthday to her. At the end of the dream, all I remember thnking was, ‘Target?’, why is everyone going to Target?’. My husband said it in my dream in such a matter-of-fact way (‘everyone left to go to Target’) that in hindsight it’s humorous. There are many memes with about moms and shopping at Target.

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What the heck does this dream even mean????

Let’s analyze it for a moment:
You may not know but I am an introvert. I scored 78% introverted on my Myers Briggs personality test. I prefer one-on-one time with friends or small social gatherings. I am always a little anxious about bigger social events.  When I host an event, I am always afraid people won’t come. This fear/insecurity runs over into my child’s party too. I try very hard not to take a ‘no’ rsvp as a personal ‘I don’t like you’. I understand that my feelings can be irrational. I worry that no one will come to my child’s party, that her day will not be fun, that she doesn’t have friends – which is all unsubstantiated and is clearly about me and my insecurities in social groups.

What I also see in this dream is stress. The store is packed and I am unable to navigate the isles quickly. I feel ssssllllooooowwwwww. Stuck in the mud. I can’t find my car. I left my cell phone at home and can not reach out to my husband for support. It’s stressful just to write this paragraph!
What are dreams telling us? When I dream it is in full color, sound, and smell. What am I working through in my sleep? What is the purspose?

The other oddity of my sleep and dreams ate that they are always the ‘opposite’. If I dream I failed my exam, in real life I aced it. If I dream I lost my wallet and can’t pay my bill, the bill is small and I have plenty to cover it. If I dream I am pregnant, I am not. Through my entire first pregnancy I would dream that I wasn’t pregnant. When I dream about spiders, I always receive money (this is very real and has been happening my whole life). In an old dream dictionary I had, dreaming of spiders was good luck. and in ancient Greece it related to bringing money to you.

Dreams offer us symbols and a leave imprints of emotions when we wake. I am not sure exactly how to interpret my birthday party dream but paying attention to how my dreams make me feel will probably give me insight to my emotions. Something to consider for sure.

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