Healing the 100 year old Apple Tree

I took this picture just after we moved in to the house

Snow was falling fast. Heavy, wet flakes covering us. I have eluded in other posts that we recently purchased and moved into a new home. I call this home my 1986 dream home, not only in honor of the year it was built but also to pay homage to the original rose porcelain toilet, sink and shower in the master bath. Oh yes, my friends and a jet tub with carpeting all around it. But I LOVE this house. The minute I walked in to see it, I felt an overwhelming sense of home and knew I wanted to raise my daughters in it.

In the front yard sits an apple tree. We learned from the previous home owner that this tree is over 100 years old, the remnants of an apple farm that used to cover this part of the land. We had actually picked an eaten an apple in early September when we got the inspection done on the house. A true organic apple. The seed never compromised by genetic modification. A beautiful center piece of the front yard. I had declared that we will have a family photo taken in front of this tree every year as our family grows. We love this tree.

Here are our two older girls are busy building a lean-to with their sleds and the apple tree during the last snow storm.


When we awoke the next morning, we found this….

Our hearts were broken. We called a tree expert who came and cut away the broken limb and also took off a giant scab of twisted vine that had been trying to take the life of the tree many years ago. We were instructed to cover the fresh wood cut with pruning spray. A wound as large as this, the tree will not heal itself, it needs help protecting it from an infection. We will need to help keep the bugs out of the wood. There is some rot above the fresh cut, so the best we can hope for is another few years of apples.

Tree service helping us clean up the broken branch.

I try to stay positive about this loss. I tell myself that we had to lose that limb in order to open the way for something new. If the tree had not broken, we would not have had the suffocating vines removed or known the health of this tree.

In my experience, things tend to break or get lost just before we enter a new phase in life. You may notice that this pertains especially to those material things that we hold dear. Our favorite earring from a certain time in our past goes missing, our favorite book gets lost, a beloved coffee mug breaks. For me, I understand this to be a sign of change, a change that has to begin. It’s a sign that we have to let go of old things in order to make room for new things to be abel to come into our lives.

Perhaps our apple tree will rebound and continue to have a wonderful harvest. Or maybe it will produce its last apples this year. We can not know and when the times comes, we will plant a new tree in her place to watch over us.

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