Inspiration to get back on the trail

Winter can be long in the North. Even April is fair game for big snow storms. The rule of thumb is that you don’t plant your flowers until Mother’s Day or there is a good chance you will lose them to frost. That actually happened to us last spring when we laughed at Mother Nature and planted our glorious sun flowers in 70 degree April sunshine, watched as they sprouted an inch or so high only to be wiped out by frost. Sigh…

Did I mention winter can be very long here? Sometimes it’s not even the ice and snow that wear on a person. Usually it’s the weeks of unrelenting cold and radical temperature changes. It’s hard to stay motivated to get outside and into the fresh air. If it’s too cold you have to consider wind temperatures and safety first. We did make it outside a few times when it was single digits and sunny, but no longer than 20-30 mins.

Feeling as though I needed inspiration and with high hopes of spring in the horizon, I dug through my books and found one about a mother and daughter hiking duo. It was just what I needed.

img_2354.jpgAlthough it’s a little fluffy and a quick read, I rather enjoyed being caught up in the story as if I was seeing the peaks from their tops right along side the heroines.

It reminded me of one of our last hikes before baby #2 was born. It was hard work at 6 months pregnant to climb rocks with a 3 yr old on my back plus our hiking pack. But it was a beautiful day and a challenging trail. I felt tired and so happy to see the sight of our car at the end of the hike. I am looking forward to better weather and more trails ahead.


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