Motherhood is a Journey, not a Destination

You don’t arrive when you become a Mother. Motherhood is not a checkbox on a list of accomplishments in life. Motherhood is a journey all of it’s own. It’s a pilgrimage to the woman you were meant to become. You will grow in ways you never imagined. Some of that growth will not be easy. Growing pains are real.

You’ll have moments of deep introspection. You may have realizations about your childhood you never understood before. You may understand your own parents just a little bit better. You may forgive them for past trespasses or distance yourself all together, for now you have become not just your own parent’s child but also a parent yourself.

All of your ‘issues’ will stare back in your face because they will be exposed by your children’s behaviors and in how you respond to those behaviors.

Short temper? Check.

You loathe cheetah print clothing…your daughter will LOVE it. Check

You are an introvert. Your child will be outgoing and high energy. Check

I believe this is a purposeful design by our universe and creator. For we have chosen this journey. Deep within, we want to be transformed. We want the trials and tribulations of motherhood, because while we give ourselves wholly to another, there are rewards too.  Our children are gifts to our spirit. They challenge us and reward us with abiding love. You are their world, their everything, their comfort.

On the worst day you may wish you had a cabin in the woods to retreat to, alone. And on the best day, you are never more certain that these babies have made your whole life. They are living rays of sunshine and wondrous miracles.


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