Physical signs of the metaphysical: Life transformation

This is a wonderful graphic I came across on snowcrablove 

In the natural world, crabs and other crustaceans grow through the process of molting. If you google the word molt it will give you this definition: “(of an animal) shed old feathers, hair, or skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth”.

I am metaphorically, spiritually, and astrologically a cancerian: Cancer, ruled by the moon. And for the past six months I have been molting. I mean literally molting. Not only experiencing spiritual and major life change, but I have also been experiencing physical manifestations of growth. It sounds nuts, but it true.

First I was experiencing a serious case of nesting back in August and September while I was pregnant. Since baby #2 would be sharing a room with her big sister, I didn’t have a nursery to prepare. Instead, I took advantage of this energy by cleaning, painting and fixing up the house so we could show/sell it. I was doing irrational things like wiping down ceilings (you would be surprised how many cobwebs hang out on your ceiling), repainting door casing, and scrubbing bathroom tile grout. This kind of crazy cleaning only happens to pregnant woman. I see many readers nodding in agreement 😄. I actually think it was lucky I had such a strong nesting instinct while trying to sell our house. The house was immaculate nearly all the time, even with a toddler, tween, and pets. Ready for a potential buyer to take a look at a moments notice!

Hall Closet before

In my declutter and nesting frenzy. The hall closet before….


Hall closet reorganized


Then there was a visit from this guy. The Praying Mantis is a powerful animal totem. He showed up after a rain storm and stuck around for days. I would find him on the window and then on the screen of the front door. We liked his visit and said hello to him everyday!


Hello Buddy!

I had also been hit by a declutter bug. My urge to purge got stronger and stronger as my due date neared. I donated a large garbage bag of clothing, paired down even more books, passed along children’s books to parent friends, and any article of clothing that had a hole (hello underwear, socks and t-shirts), or in my case – many holes, went into the trash.

About a week before my due date (early November) I developed the itchiest skin. This was not a liver/enzyme issue and it has continued for the past three months as my postpartum body deflates and shrinks back down. In addition to severe itching (mostly my back, occasionally my legs) I also had flaking and sometimes peeling skin. There was no rash. No redness. Just itching. I know it has been a cold winter in the North East but this was really something! I have been slathering coconut oil all over my body and then applying Lubriderm on top of that. I also take fish oil and drink plenty of water so….it’s just odd.


Along with cycles of energy bursts followed by a deep need to rest, the last few months have pushed me into new territory. Since November, I have become a mother to two little girls now (welcome baby #2!), I am a home owner for the first time in my life, I went on a job interview at 6 weeks postpartum (though I ultimately declined the position), packed up a 2,000 sq ft home and moved a family of five to a new home in a small village outside of the city, and my husband and I have grown leaps and bounds as partners in our marriage. A new baby, new house, and almost a new job in 3 short months is an incredible amount of life change.


If you had suggested that I would be where I am today, sitting in a new home, taking up blogging again and raising our girls outside of the city, I would not have imagined it could be so. But here I sit, writing this right now, looking out the window at my new backyard full of trees.

I am a crab. Astrologically and metaphorically.



“In a crab, the exoskeleton does not grow, they must shed their shells, a process called molting. Just as we outgrow our clothing, crabs outgrow their shells. Prior to molting, a crab reabsorbs some of the calcium carbonate from the old exoskeleton, then secretes enzymes to separate the old shell from the underlying skin (or epidermis). Then, the epidermis secretes a new, soft, paper-like shell beneath the old one. This process can take several weeks”.


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