On being a WFHM

I have written before about being a work from home mom (WFHM). I am VERY lucky to have this arrangement. I mean seriously….I pay less in child care than other moms and get to bond with my newborn. The going rate for infant care is anywhere from $280 – $320 per week where I live with the average cost at $300 per week. That’s $1,200 per MONTH until they can ‘move up’ to the bigger baby or toddler rooms.

So I have stayed with my current employer in my very mediocre position so I can spend as much time as possible with my baby. The perks, I can breastfeed on demand, cloth diaper, and be home on snow days! So what if my job isn’t glamorous.  I have bypassed other job opportunities paying more money because it has dawned on me (after I get my ego out of the way), that THIS is where my heart it – at home with my baby, even if working while parenting is sometimes a challenge of it’s own….like the time I locked the dog in the mud room so she wouldn’t bark while I was on a conference call. Or the time I hid in the basement so I could talk during a meeting while my toddler was crying upstairs. Or yesterday when I spilled coffee on my sleeping baby’s head….Thank Goodness it was lukewarm! Little thing slept though it all, even as I cleaned the coffee out of her hair.


I am wearing the necklace my big girl (3yr old) gave me for valentines day. Notice the coffee spill beneath…sigh…

Some days I think it would be nice to have someone else change poopy diapers all day and get drooled on watch my baby so I can focus and really crank out my work. Then reality sets in…if I were at my desk in the office, there would be all sorts of distractions, mostly co-workers stopping by for a chat or hearing all of my coworkers conversations, sneezes, coughs, etc…  I would also be thinking about leaving work by 3pm because I miss my kiddos. So really, because I have the flexibility to log in early or work later (since I don’t have to fight traffic through the evening commute), I am actually MUCH more productive. I can stop worrying about the snow falling outside and if I should leave early to pick up my child from daycare to get home before the commute is really nasty. I don’t have the STRESS of waking up at 5am to shower, then proceed to get two children ready and packed up, have enough time for the morning commute with childcare drop offs, etc.. all before I even sit down to work at 8am.

The benefits of working from home are enormous. I am a happier and more dedicated employee. You may wonder how I possibly get work done? Remember, babies still sleep a LOT. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On being a WFHM

  1. Amy says:

    I loved working from home with my baby, but I only worked part time. As soon as Avery started crawling, I started only being able to work while she napped, or in the evenings. I agree that working from home with kids is an amazing opportunity, but it is also really, really hard! You’re super mom to be able to do it effectively!


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