5 FREE things to do with kids today


Being Mrs. Mother Dirt, I am here to advocate that  the best things in life really are FREE. Entertaining Spending time with our children  does not have to be expensive.  In fact, it can be as easy as walking out your front door….literally.

Here is a list of 5 things – for FREE- that you can do with you family, today.

1. Take A Walk: Open your front door and step outside. Weather you live in a city, suburban, or rural setting, you can get outside. Walk to the mail box. Walk around the block or to the nearest stop sign.  This is one of my very favorite ways to break up the day and get some fresh air with my daughter. We live in a small city so it’s all pavement for us. None the less, we find plenty of nature including squirrels, birds, leaves, stones, and sticks to entertain us on our walks.

2. Bird Watching: This can be as simple as looking out of a window in your home.  If you have a pair of binoculars – great! If not, get creative and make a pair like these: DIY binoculars. Talk about the birds, their colors, their sounds, what they eat. Or make it a counting game. Kids are natural scientists, they will love the time they have learning together with you,

3. Visit the Library: Check out programs at your local library. Most libraries offer a story time for preschool children and other programs for school age kids including Lego Clubs, Coding Camp, movie nights, summer reading programs, arts & crafts and gaming. Depending on your local library, the options are diverse, family friendly, and FREE. Most libraries also have sensory stations, puzzles, and other toys in the children’s section. This is always a great plan for a rainy day – play at the library!

4. Go Hiking: Nothing burns the energy of kids like being out in nature. If you have trails near you (most nature preserves are FREE), I encourage you to pack a snack and hit the trails. I have been hiking with my daughter since she was an infant. It’s stimulating to babies’ senses and relaxing for mom and dad. Give it a try. 🙂

5. Find a Playground: Even if you do not have a park in your town, you probably have a grade school, which of course will have a playground. With school being out on the weekends, afternoons, or during the summer, you have a play date.

Have any activities to add to this list?  Please leave your ideas below. 🙂

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