When words illuminate: love and nature

When you’re struck to the very core by something you see, read or hear. That feeling when your heart skips a beat, the mind is illuminated, the heart, soul, spirit resonates at a level 10. Its a universal experience every human feels. It may be rare for some or a regular feeling for others.

Sometimes this feeling comes over me through song, pictures, or words. When I read this book dedication by Alan Watts (c. 1958), it SPOKE to me. It spoke to the love I have for nature, the eloquence of poetry, and what often gets lost in our busy world. It may be the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

To the beloved company of the starts, the moon, and the sun;

to ocean, air, and the scilence of space;

to jungle, glacier, and desert,

soft earth, clear water, and fire on my hearth.

To a certain waterfall in a high forest;

to night rain upon the roof and the wide leaves,

grass in the wind, tumult of sparrows in a bush,

and eyes which give light to the day.

– Alan W. Watts (1958)

Be well. Connect with nature.

Mrs. Mother Dirt

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