5 Signs it’s time to wean my toddler

One of the biggest questions breastfeeding moms have is, “when do I wean my child”? There are some women who choose to nurse until they return to work. There are those who faithfully pump. Some moms practice ecological breastfeeding, child led weaning, etc… Every mother’s need is different and every child is different.

When do you wean? There is no clear answer.

For me, I had a wonderful work arrangement that allowed me to stay home for the first 10 months of my daughter’s life and continue working from home 3 days a week. I let my daughter nurse on demand and we have been nursing for 28 months. However, I have defiantly struggled at different times. Every mom knows when weaning time is getting close. In fact, here are the 5 signs that tell me (inner mom wisdom) I am ready to wean, and my toddler may be ready too

  1. All her baby teeth have grown in.  When she is lulled off to sleep and her jaw relaxes, sometimes those pearly white choppers become a painful vice grip on my nipple….OUCH!
  2. She now refers to my breasts as,”tiny milky”.  With her fully eating solids and her need to nurse has naturally declined, so has the amount of milk I produce. and supply.
  3. My period has returned.  Again, another drop in milk supply.
  4. My daughter’s diary intolerance is gone.  Bring on the yogurt and all smooth creamy comfort food.
  5. I experience nursing agitation.  This is also referred to as nursing aversion.  This is a feeling of wanting your child off of you and away from you because rather than bringing you feelings of closeness and relaxation, it is IRRITATING in an irrational way. It could be related to being “touched out”. For me it does not happen all the time, but has become more frequent over the past 6-9 months, so we are down to nursing at nap time, bed time and first thing in the morning.

While I want to allow my daughter to wean on her own, my body has begun to want something different. Maybe all mother’s long for (in a day dreamy kind of way), to have “their body back”.  My daughter is almost 2.5 years old, and I am pretty sure that I am ready to have my body back.

When did your child wean? I would love to hear your story. 

9 thoughts on “5 Signs it’s time to wean my toddler

    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      Every child is different. I always thought I would let my daughter self-wean but I am really wanting to be done. I remember thinking “I hope we make it for 6 months…” Ha! Now my daughter is 29 months!


  1. purpleslobinrecovery says:

    Hi, I saw one of your comments on thecfomom’s blog. Your name intrigued me, so here I am!
    My first daughter nursed until 18 months. It was getting extremely uncomfortable, and I wanted it over! Lo and behold, turns out I was prego. She stayed with my mom for 3 days, crying for me. I knew I’d give in, if she was with me. After that, when she wanted to nurse, I’d say, “No more ninnies, here’s a cup of____”
    My 2nd daughter had her first bottle in the hospital, DESPITE me telling that I was exclusively nursing. Then my mom’d say “Well, she already had a bottle, let me feed her, and u take a nap.” So, at 9 months, DD2 chose all bottle, all the time. She was already walking, and didn’t want to be tied down!


    • mrsmotherdirt says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog! 🙂 Aw, it is SO hard to let our babies cry for us. I honestly have very little milk at this point so I do offer her a sippy cup or some water after nursing at bedtime routine. We are down to nursing at nap time and bed time and sometimes when she wakes up. The sessions are short. I think my daughter is really just suckling for comfort at this point and that’s why I am feeling physically irritated by it. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me! Thank you.


  2. prairiemom.me says:

    My first, a boy, I weaned at 24 months. I did NOT look forward to doing it as we both enjoyed it and it was how we got through our days… but I had already faced several months of social disapproval and felt like 24 months was a pretty good gift to give him. So we got that done with the help of lots of hugs and cuddles and distractions from Daddy. My second, a girl, was tired of nursing at 23 months. She just didn’t want to be held anymore. Now my third, another girl, is about to turn 2… and very insistent about nursing and having me all to herself. I dread disappointing her but know it better be sooner rather than later and that, in the end, she’ll be just fine.


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